Sergio Caputo is one of the most original italian musicians of our times.  He has developed an unmistakable style of his own, jazz with a twist of pop and latino, matching it with lyrics directly inspired by modern poetry.  Nowadays, after his long experience in the US, Sergio Caputo performs, in various line-ups, bringing the best of his repertoire to the international audience.

    In 1983 his first album “UN SABATO ITALIANO” (AN ITALIAN SATURDAY) is released, becoming an overnight success, still a classic today.  His music is a “POP-JAZZ” with an innovative use of language, his main themes being the daily life, love, and the urban madness. 

15 more albums and compilations follow, while he experiments with sounds, to finally go back to jazz and latin-jazz moods.

Among his distinguished collaborations are the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Scott, Mel Collins (King Crimson), Tony Bowers (Simply Red), Enrico Rava, Flavio Boltro, and many others.

    At the turn of the new millennium he moves to California, where he lives and works for 12 years in close touch with his musical roots, and making himself known as Smooth Jazz guitarist. 

In 2008 his first novel - titled “Disperatamente, e in ritardo cane” (Desperately, and Dog-Late) is published by Mondadori.  

    Recently, he has celebrated the 30° anniversary of his first album “UN SABATO ITALIANO” with a new, more jazzy remake of it “UN SABATO ITALIANO 30”, also containing two new, unreleased songs.  Along with this event, there is also a biography published by Mondadori: “Un Sabato Italiano Memories”, his story in the years when music was taking over his life.

In 2015, “POP JAZZ and LOVE” is released, a new album of songs in English, which redefines his style as a mix of pop, jazz and poetry.   

    In 2017 - in team with Francesco Baccini, another big Italian songwriter - Sergio produces and releases a new album titled “Chewing Gum Blues”, a mix of jazz and blues that offers a beautiful insight of the two artists combined musical talent. 

In 2018 comes “OGGETTI SMARRITI” (Lost and Found), a remake in acoustic-unplugged of “lost” songs, the kind that were never meant to be singles, but his audience kept asking for at his concerts.  In 2020 Sergio releases his “best of” SERGIO CAPUTO EN FRANCE, a remake of 10 major hits in French.  In 2021 is released “GOSSIP”, an EP recorded in TRIO by the Sergio Caputo Trio.

When 2023 comes, it is already time to celebrate 40 years of his first album, and Sony releases “UN SABATO ITALIANO 40”, while a big tour in the best theatres takes the road and will extend to all 2024, most probably remaining active as a “special” show forever.

Sergio greets 2024 with a new single titled “SONO UNO SPIRITO LIBERO” (I’m a free soul).

Sergio tours year-round in clubs, theatres and outdoor venues.

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